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KenyaNite is a social gathering of Kenyans predominantly of Goan origin that migrated from Kenya to Canada. As natural social birds with an outgoing nature, a small group of Goans, after coming to terms with the totally new life style in Canada, formed a picnic get-together to socialize, compete in soccer and volleyball, engage in card games such as Trook, and play other interactive games. There was no cost as all was accomplished on voluntary bases. Meals came in by variety as it was a potluck picnic. Dishes palatine our taste buds ranged from maru bajias, ugalis, sukumas, samosas and mad
azis.  This took place during the summer months in Canada. This was the ‘cradle’ of a start off in the early 2000’s.

In 2010, the formation of a Dance Night came into being, taking it up a notch, with a bigger attraction number in mind in addition to the picnic, hence forming “KenyaNite.”

Before long, attendance started escalating rapidly year by year and the functions gained momentum. Dances were always a sell-out event, causing yearly new elected committee to revisit larger venues to

cope with the large crowd. The dinners were beyond compare and the music was the best our means would allow. Needless to say, the conviviality was exceptional.

Now, not forgotten were the disadvantaged people in our community and the fellow Kenyans back home in Kenya  –  the surplus collections came to their aid. Donations are made to reputable charitable organizations back home in Kenya and Canada after the yearly function.  

Credit for the continuation of managing the events and catering admirably to our crowd’s needs goes to the hardworking men and women whom over the years and years to come have given and will give selflessly their time and energy in fostering the aim of the social gathering to reminisce of our motherland, Kenya!